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November 11, 2008



Well, I don't do stuffing, because I find it to be yuck! But our house is open to you, if you'd like to eat turkey.


the girl who wants to drink with you and would be willing to bring the wine too


Ooh, a nibble? I suppose it's too much to ask that you're being nibbled by the gov't job in Reston...

Stephanie T.

molly...as a retired RPCC (registered professional career counselor...no kidding... ummm... yeah,ok..i was an over achiever, the alphabet soup on my business cards looked pretty dang cool)...i can honestly say that with your educational background you are pretty much able to do ANYTHING ('legal'..lol)...it just takes a kick ass letter, resume and a 'lead'...if you have doubts, email me!!!
it's all in the marketing....

(i'd like to skip the stuffing and go straight to the wine...it's cheaper..for the cost of the dinner I can pay for 3 of natty's flute lessons...who needs stuffing anyway??)




good luck. i miss your familyyyyy!! today was awfully boring. :(


Amazing! I want one! I wonder why there was no fire in that one section toward the right during the rock-n-roll song.

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