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October 08, 2008



what??? am i the only one who wants a mix CD? or was this merely a trick to get rid of your paperclips? =)


um, i win.


damn, i don't win.


That is a lot of comments! Whoa.


Well I sure hope I win, and if I do I REALLY hope it is some of your awesomely "marginal" art!


Art! Puhleeeeeeze gimmmeeeee art! Real Oregon Art!

Was that pathetic enough?

janet o

Well, given that your CD is a mainstay of my collection now, I have to comment...plus I am nearing your score on Word Twist...bahaha

Amy Sorensen

I was going to send you an email, but I think i'll leave a comment instead. Just because I *heart* your taste in mixed CDs.

Actually, I'm going to send you an email, too. Wheeeeeeeee, lucky you!!!

Stephanie T.

644 posts,664 comments...pathetic!
LOVED LOVED LOVED that last cd!! I play it often and LOUD!

my kids do the same thing with the paper clips...it was only cute ONCE


How 'bout if I just send YOU some paper clips? I have a few chains, made by nervous students standing at my desk waiting to check their work. Or, waiting for a referral to be filled out. This year's offenses are truly beyond anything I've had to deal with before.
(Also, I love the previous CD, but am still waiting for the playlist w/artists.)


Now I could use some original Art!!!
Art me up!

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