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October 28, 2008



Oh good! I hope your teefs are better soon!


Um, too funny. I Have a dentist appt. tomorrow at 9:40! Lol. It's just a cleaning- it's not what you're going to have to deal with, poor gal. I hope they fix what's ailing you. My dentist is going to give me shit about having this one crown replaced which is going to cost about 500 dollars and that's *with* my insurance, so every time I go, I make polite murmurings of scheduling that appointment but then split as soon as I pay for my cleaning. Why are teefs so expensive?


Hey, are you posting your ghost story?


re: teef - hope you are better soon and there is toofer happiness in your future.

re: writing of stories - hope to see yur ghost story soon. also, see my journal. got a story wrapped around my throat and it wouldn't let go until i wrote a bunch. i still come up with ideas, so it will be an ongoing until it peters out. check it out.


Yeah! To the dentist you go (rather you than me, sorry!)

So????????????????? How are you now?

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