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October 18, 2008



Portland Dental Emergency Clinic

Don't make me come take you to the dentist.

BTW- when it turns to throbbing while upright- you have an abscess, infection etc. I don't think the cranberry pills will cut it for this one Molly. Nice try.


I hate those. :( I actually let my fever back then go to 104F before I finally decided it was time to see the dentist. One root canal later the fever was gone... we had a big bill... but I was oh so much happier. ;)

I'll take the cranberry pills though. I'm still not over my UTI. *sigh*


Ow! Ow ow ow!



Seriously, Herm. Or I'll come out there myself and drill, baby, drill.


Tooth problems suck, I'm so so sorry. Maybe rub some drambuie on it? It might not help, but it coudn't hurt


What I've been told is that the cranberry extract pills work by changing the ph of your urine to inhibit bacteria growth. And who knows what kind of environment the little squigglies multiplying in your mouth prefer.

I join the chorus on this one. Another idea. Does OHSU have a dental school? Kids gotta learn somehwere....

janet o

Hmmm. Fever, throbbing, pain = abscess. As a fellow uninsured loser, I feel your pain. But go get it done (and get some good drugs while you're at it)


Yeah I'm inclined to agree with the above posters. If it's progressed to fever time, it's time to break the bank and get the damn root canal. I should really take my own advice though. I've had a back left molar that they tell me EVERY time I go that needs to be rooted, canaled, and then capped, but I'm afraid of the money that will need to be paid for it. Right now my car needs repairs and my tooth hasn't reached the painful heights yours has attained.
Let us know how it went!


Yes, get to the dentist! It can go from painful to excruciating very quickly, and usually in the middle of the night. I went to the OHSU dental school for a root canal before I had dental insurance and got great care and they had a sliding scale. The work took longer than it does at the regular dentist, but the temporary root canal they put in lasted for years without any problems.

And, I know what you mean about the unfairness of tooth issues--I floss and brush quite religiously and have a mouthful of cavities and caps and root canals. My husband, who has been to the dentist one time in the entire 24 or so years that I've known him, never flosses and chews tobacco and had only one tiny cavity that they didn't even thing needed filling when he want a couple of years ago. Not fair!



Are we still on for Friday?

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