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October 13, 2008



Delurking to nod to the universality. I'm a former music therapist, so that mood altering stuff was at one time my stock and trade. I gave it all up gladly, to effect my children's mood, education, etc. Now I just use the "tricks" of music to teach my offspring - and soothe my own savage beast.


This one:


Magpie Ima

First off, with just a bit of discretion, Bollywood does with anything.

And now, to answer your questions.....

1. 40 by U2 because it was my brother's favorite song.

2. It totally depends on the moment and there's no way I could choose between one or the other.

3. Maybe. I kind of like the idea of not teaching and being, say, a self-supporting artist instead. But only if it didn't turn into a grind.

janet o

Yeah, there is a song that does that to me every time...

2. Happyish. Mostly.

3. i am in the position where making music is what I do for a living - but I'd like to be more visually artistic and maybe a good writer, which I'm not. Or a better Word Twist player. heh.


I haven't Saucy Walked in months. I think it's time to pull it out of hibernation (it's hard to be saucy in the summer swelter).


1. Yes! Despite being an atheist, I'm a sucker for those old gospel-y songs, like Farther Along and Hard Times. And, anytime I sing with a group of people I get all choked up. Every single Sunday at church I can't make it through at least one song we sing.

2. It is hard to say whether I prefer happy(ish) or sad(ish)--I need them both, at different times.

3. I can't think of anything I'd rather be good at than the things I already am good (enough) at. Probably, I value and have worked at the things I love doing and don't really love doing the things I'm not any good at. I'm just not that motivated to become a top-flight crafter! I do *love* playing music, but don't really enjoy performing, so I don't think I'd want to make a living at it, though I wouldn't mind being a lot better than I am.


1. Oh so many, but let's start with "Ventura," "Little Green," "Nightswimming," "Famous Blue Raincoat."

2. Saddish, except on a sunny cold day.

3. constitutional law/civil rights specialist

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