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August 17, 2008



I've often thought a nanny would be a great solution to much of the aggravation inherent in homeschooling. When my husband needs help with his work, he hires someone. It's just hard to justify when I'm not getting paid, lol. But work is still work regardless and a fun assistant is a great boost all around. Just so you know--we are scruffy too, waste time on things that don't seem quite right and the kids end up well educated anyway. And nice besides. Go figure. love, V


no, no, no, no...

You've described a GOOD homeschooler!

Since you are teaching your children to think for themselves.
Since you are letting their interests guide your curriculum.
Since you care enough to attempt at year's study about moss.
Since you groove on science.
Since you know and are letting them learn that words in songs and on tv are just that and nothing more.
Since they have, from day one, learned to value all people, not those who think or look just like them.

I could go on, but I think you get the idea! And the mortuary science part is just cool.


Oh Lord, #6 and #9 are cracking me up.

Otherwise I think BlueLikeTheSky pretty much covers it.

summer Aiello

Yeah I think it's all been covered in the aformentioned posts. I wish I had enough balls to attempt to homeschool Caden and the new lil' nugget. I feel like we would do copious amounts of reading and extensive studies on animal husbandry and little else.
Rhy's tat sounds pretty awesome.
Oh and I would LOVE a tatted' Lesbian nanny. I would love any nanny in general.


A nanny?! You lucky dog!

Here's my confessions of a bad homeschooling mommy item: I hate crafts. Deeply.



My laptop is now wearing my morning coffee as I roll on the floor.

And for the record? If I ever hear even a hint of a denim jumper in your future, I will be on a plane sooooo fast....


I love that list. It describes a GOOD homeschooler if you ask me. :)


First, my kids are now at least slightly familiar with Eddy Izzard, and that he came with Legos only sweetens the deal. We even have a Lego Death Star canteen on the floor.

Second, how unhappy would your son be if he learned that someone loved his unicorn with skull tattoo so much that they borrowed it? I seriously want that tattoo, and I'm due a new one soon.

Lori V.

Well, I guess I would be a terrible homeschooler then. :-)

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