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July 02, 2008


Stephanie T.

Geezy Pete Becky! I am hangin' my head in homecky shame here...This sounds fabulous!!
Did I ever tell you I hate to cook? Yessiree bub...and that goes ditto for shopping too. DO NOT like going to the mall. (unless it's an 'antique' mall)

Amy Sorensen

YUM! THis sounds delicious. Neighbors and family will soon be bringing me (the only person in Utah who does not have a vegetable garden on her property, as I have trees and too much shade to farm anything) veritable HORDES of squash. Yellow and green, and there's only so much zuccini cake one family can eat. THANKS for sharing this! I love the detailed instructions!

summer Aiello

Thank you!! I, of the crazy pregnancy cravings, find this as appetizing as anything I've seen lately. I'm going to attempt to make it sunday night. I've been in a weird food making binge- Tues night I had a hankering for homemade corn chowder and so I dredged up my granny's recipe and chowder it was.

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