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July 28, 2008


Lori V.

Since life around here has been "crap on a crap cracker," this post has made me smile. Thank you, as always, my friend! And have fun at the bee! :-)


The shirt sounds cool!


Honestly, you could have just asked a roller derby girl how to retrofit your t-shirt. The wife's newest involved cutting out the sides and then reattaching them with some black mesh material she'd cut off a gift t-shirt at some point in the not too distant past. The mesh material she removed from its original t-shirt home because it made that shirt look a little on the stupid side, but it worked perfectly in the derby shirt.

And yes, your children are too adorable, especially with the loads of hair, but I must admit to remaining partial to my own kids, pictures of whom should soon follow. Sadly, I never get them as well posed as your own pics, but I'm sure our goofy smiles will win the day.

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