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June 12, 2008





Oh, no. I wondered. Send our love to Karan and the kitties. And Joe!


Hello there. Thanks for all the positive thoughts- they're working. We're still "evacuated" but have hope that we will be going home tomorrow sometime. The fire is contained and burning into itself at this point. The Bonny Doon (Volunteer!) fire department and CDF have been absolutely amazing in their efforts.

Makes you realize what's important and what isn't. Thanks to great friends!

Stephanie T.

Iit's bad...really bad...and this just after the Summit fire over Memorial weekend!
Fog came in over San Jose in the early evening that made the sky look dirty, hazy, yellow...like we were on mars. It scared the hell out of the kids, who thought there was a tornado or some alien invasion going to happen.
The air quality is the worst ever...Lauren is wheezing like an old man with ephysema. It's bad enough to cancel the swim meet tomorrow.

The Paradise fire is still going too.
Prayers for your friends...


*Sigh* I also worry about "Hobbit" (for whom my moniker is derived). He lives on Empire Grade just North of Kamaur Ln. on the trail that leads off campus to Wilder Ranch. I'm trying like hell to, er, "borrow" a weather satellite when it does it's overfly (this is going to cost me a lot of beer) because "The News" (read : media...nothing personal) gives me dick for *useful* information ; Like, you know, flying a chopper over at 1500 feet and taking a picture and then posting *that* somewhere so as usual I'll do it my own damned self.

I'm torn. On the one hand I *should* fly back and help *do* something but on the other hand all I could really do is carry a hose, or a shovel, or a chainsaw (I'm particularly good with climbing gear and a chainsaw) and cut new fuel-breaks which would just make me more sick than sitting on my hands.

I got a cute note from Hobbit (Jason) today which tells me nothing either. The property he's on has two huge houses, and a number of RVs on site that house perhaps 30 residents and another 20 sofa-surfers (it's Cruz, you know how it goes). I'm more than a little worried. Not enough to get on a plane yet (certainly not enough to stea...er, "procure" one) but the lack of information (because you know, the Sentinel is such an awesome source of news) is driving me nuts (short trip).

If anyone can feed me *actual/useful* information, I would appreciate it.

Ooo, look, Molly's in IM, I think I'll harass her for a sec.

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