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March 18, 2008


Blue Like the Sky

I will tell you more about the evil pony formerly known as Prince in the comments on my blog. I think an adult spelling bee totally rocks. I am sooooooo envious!

There is no such thing as too quiet, IMHO. How on earth did you steal nine days????


Very cool! I don't think I've ever even heard that word before.

So... is that blogging, the YouTube way, about homeschooling, or homeschooling the YouTube way and blogging about it?


My husband said to me the other night "Molly is a bright one. I like her." Darling, this means a lot coming from my man. A LOT!! :)

Congratulations, queen bee. I didn't know there was such a thing as Spelling Bee for big people. Very cool. :)


Congrats on a job well "spelled".

Note to self - DO NOT play scrabble with Molly....she'll kick your b.....

Make sure the boys call when here! Pablo's time :)


You forgot to mention your chance to compete for $100 at the quarterly spelling bee! I hope to be there to cheer you on--that was so much fun on Monday. Great to see you and spend time too, other than "hi" and "bye" at Campfire.


Whohoooooo! Good job!

Lori V.

As if I haven't informed you a hundred times already, YOU ROCK (and spell)!

I was spelling bee champoin ;-) four out of five years in elementary school. They stopped having spelling bees after that at our school. Don't know why, but I was sad.


I've haven't really tried to search in depth on your blog for a picture of you,because I have five hundred million blogs to read every day, but this is the first picture of you I've actually seen. Very cool. Right now I'm spelling 'insomnia' but I think it's high time I subscribed to Molly don't you?


Wow! I am SOOO jealous of your mad spelling skillz. I wish I were so cool.

Alas I'm the girl who made it to the final three in the 4th grade bee but went out on "menial". I blame the sentence. "Cinderella's sisters gave her menial tasks to do." Cinderella's sisters were MEAN. So meanial was a believable mistake. I cried for weeks. SOOOOO unfair.


You are so smart! You are so smart! S-M-R-T.

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