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March 28, 2008



Hey, did you get your valentine? Do I have your Portland address? Hmmm


Happy anniversary! (Alas!)


Happy, Happy Blogoversary!


Alas, I fear that my general commenting has been in a decline for roughly a year, but I can only stay silent for so long. I will return with a commenting vengeance.


I have no idea how the hell I found you long ago (someone from Simple I think), but I've had you on my feedlist for a long time. I just suck at commenting regularly or with any sign of intelligence apparently.

Congrats on 3 years of blogging. Truly. I can barely keep up with Twitter.


In my whiskey stupor that I am now commenting in, I say, HEAR HEAR!!! Here is to many more years of posting this auspicious blog that I LOVE to read. I was just telling my sister in law about you- how you homeschool in a Jedi Academy, how you desire to be a sci-fi writer and how you have a general air of sweet coolness that if you were here or we were there, we would totes be friends.
Thanks man for making me the one ass-out. I so wish my badonk looked *that* luscious.

janet o

Happy Blogiversary! I will tell you that I read every day, but I hardly ever feel intelligent enough to comment. I did have a dream in which you were present, though, so does that count? (believe me, I have no idea why either. Bizarre.)
janet o


Yay! And I love my flesh-toned undies. I actually have a pair like that, only not so drapey. 'Cause they would bunch.

Her build is remarkably like mine. But if it were me, I'd be holding a See's chocolate butter egg, not an apple.

Congrats on 3 years and 555 posts, Herm!


Oh and I absolutely did not follow directions properly in my last comment. I blame Jack Daniels and my slight case of ADD.

Lori V.

Happy blogiversary, chica!

I'm in for a mixtastic CD of music from you... the more obscure but fabulous the better... I mostly only seem to find mainstream stuff... you are the perfect one to enlighten me! :-)

Blue Like the Sky

I'm new, but I'll try to be true.

And I had a glass of red wine in honor of you AND your blog last night. Does that mean I'm "in?"


Stephanie T.

Holy shit! There's a drink at the bar with your name on it...Too bad it's here in San Jose. Ahhh...what the hell...I'll drink it for ya and toast the anniversary of Pic Dem...which, I must say, is one of the best freakin' reads ever (even though I have to look up the big words). Congrats kiddo.
And hey...thanks too!

Magpie Ima

Happy anniversary! I say we celebrate with a 3 hour Hindi movie--are you game?


Three years, eh? Happy blogoversary. :)
I love your blog.

The conference was great. I wrote a long post about it.


i try to comment (semi) regularly, in the hopes of reciprocation, but mainly because the posts here are always interesting -- even when you don't think so. so, Happy Happy Blogsday!


so, no comments yet, but I have to say, I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog. You are a riot! and eclectic. and random. And you spell oh so well! Congratulations on your many years!


You rock chica. I just crossed that three year mark too (a mere couple of weeks behind you, you trendsetter, you).

So nice to see we've continued the journey - and here's to another prime celebration when we hit five!

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