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January 28, 2008


Sylvie M.

Where is it going to end? Parents are encouraged to take less and less personal responsibility for their kids' education, and we wonder why literacy (and general knowledge) is declining so fast.

Amy Sorensen

The thing that frustrates me about this sort of thing is that reading to your kids is, I think, not only about the books, but it's about the physical connection of snuggling under a blanket, the kid's head under your chin or on your shoulder, and the sound of your voice. I think that physical connection makes for good readers later on, when they're reading alone, because it drums up comforting memories. It saddens me to think of parents and kids who miss out on this. I can't imagine being a mom without books involved! Sad.


I agree with Amy, there is a multi-faceted aspect of reading with your children, that in many ways transcends the story.

I also have to admit, we own Walter the Farting Dog.


Yes, there's way more to reading with children than simply learning words. There's an interaction there that cannot be replaced by a machine. It really is disheartening to think of people spending money on such a thing.

Magpie Ima

Oy. I have nothing against audiobooks (and my kids love them) but with graded phonics readers? Way to turn 'em off reading for good. And don't even get me started about NCLB.....


Gee, you don't suppose the kids will figure out that it means that reading is just one more gosh darned chore that's nowhere near as fun as cell phone and an iPod? Oy.

We love the audio Little History!


kill me now. no, wait ... kill the future generations now. they won't be useful, anyway. time to get to work on that cloning stuff, so we can just get a new batch of people from the gene pool at aarp.

ugh. and yeah, my seven-year-old would shrug and walk away from that toy. then he'd go back to reading "the invisible man."


We had a lot of books with records and I enjoyed them, but we read together a lot too.

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