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December 07, 2007


Stephanie T.

No time to wait for a double-blind study...I am filling the tub with coffee as I write...Sure beats a cold Lean Cuisine!
I've ordered several science kits, with a big request for anything gross, smelly or combustible (more for Lauren than Natalie). The cat science kit looks great!

Lori V.

A big espresso bubble bath for me tonight, baby! Thanks for this fantastic tip!

(And for the fantastic card... the gift was nice, too, but the card was the absolute bestest thing I could have received in the last 6 months or so!)

Suburban Doctor Mom

Oh, I need that cream...


The cat kit looks awesome. (Does it come with toast and butter?)

Wanda E. Santiago

Hey beautiful as always I learn and enjoy your blog!! Hope life is good, hugs to you and your Mom. Much Love Wanda


Big news! Brandon Sanderson to finish Wheel of Time series! Holy cow!

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