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October 09, 2007




Sounds like life is good. I don't want a LandRover, but thanks for asking.

Ooooh, and love your hair!



I think I may have provided some birth control at Fred Meyer just this morning, dragging my screaming offspring out of the store.

Lori V.

God, Molly... do you realize (heheheh, I said "Do you realize...") what a fantastic respite from insanity you are?

Loving the haircut!

Amy Sorensen

CUTE hair. No, not cute, sophisticated and writerly in a cool sort of way. I'll quit now. But I'm also giggling at Helena's comment. I do that every time I take Kaleb anywhere! He's all the Socialized Birth Control our country needs! ;)

Amy Sorensen

ps, by "no, not cute" I mean "'cute' is a lame word, I can certainly come up with a better one." I should be banned from blogs when I'm up late and feeling punchy!!!

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