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September 27, 2007


ollymay onesjay

Hey there Molly. May I suggest Sam & Dave and Al Green and Aretha as the best motivational music there is. I think I will get that book for Warren:)


"...you've probably noticed that I also experience intermittent episodes of moderate-to-crippling depression. The grey days, the low times, the mornings it's all I can do to roll my mopey ass out of bed"

I definitely hear you; I'm a warm-weather creature, and the onset of fall always puts me in a bad mood. I don't want to get up or go to class, but if I don't think I feel like an idiot for not keeping up on things. Things aren't so bad overall, but between worrying about finances, school, writing, etc. some days I just don't want to do anything. I'll give your new-fangled system a shot though, and I should be making the best of the little pockets of time I have free here and there.


wow, that's exactly what i do and i didn't even know what it was called! well, except for keeping the record to prove to myself and others that i actually do the things i say i do. hmm. and except for the bouncy music. i either do stuff to Bub's music or not at all. humph.
yeah, i know the inertia ball feeling well. i still haven't gotten up an actual exercise routine, so chalk up the fat, unattractive inertia ball and there you find me.

Amy Sorensen

I love it.

It is so true...depression is not just a cycle but a circle. Finding a 90 degree angle is exactly what helps, but it is hard to do. I've been circling the same thing, so I appreciate so much your GSD list!!!

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