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August 09, 2007


Magpie Ima

That's a great question (and a great post!). My favorite subjects in school were foreign languages and the only career I've ever had is teaching language. But I am one of the very few folks I know with a career in my major field of study.

You'd think I'd be a lot more pro-school than I am, but maybe it's all those years in school (as a student and a teacher) that make me want to keep my kids out. My oldest is now planning to go to school in September for the first time...as a high school freshman. Interesting times ahead, for sure.


"I'm not willing to risk the sweet and unique personality he already has..."

That would sum up one of my biggest reasons for homeschooling. I've seen too many really sweet kids -- sweet, that is, until they've been in ps long enough to learn that sweet = fag/girlie/dork/geek/retard/etc. etc. etc.

Thomas is a remarkably friendly, outgoing little boy. People keep telling me how he'd do so well in school because "he'd just be friends with everybody." And, when they come to know him and recognise his intelligence they say he'd do so well in school because "he'd just ace every test."

So, according to them, he'd be a whiz at school through popularity and tests -- neither of which has anything all to do with what I would call education, nor anything to do with I would call being a decent human being.

And, that's what I'm doing -- educating a decent human being.


"What are you doing with your life now, and how much of it is directly related to your formal schooling vs. learning you've acquired for yourself on a need-to-know basis along the way?"

I'd answer it if you didn't already familiar with what I would say. :) Actually thought, most of what I've mentally acquired hasn't been "need to know" in a financial or academic sense, but more of a "I just gotsta know!" sort of thing where I would lose sleep if I did not feed my brain.


I popped over here from a link in Kris' blog, Paradise Found. I LOVED your post. I think you have articulated just about every thought I've ever had on why we homeschool our youngest son. I have two college-aged children and my biggest regret in this world is not homeschooling them.
Rhys' personality characteristics sound exactly like my little guy. And yet he flourishes in our homeschool environment. I had many comments from neighbors and family members who thought he would only become more socially adept if he went to ps. But, lo and behold, he is now much more verbal and more likely to interact with others than he was before homeschooling.
It was a big gamble for us to start homeschooling, but it has paid off in a big way. We all enjoy teaching and learning with each other.
As for your last question, I went to cosmetology school (so not much formal education) and earned my living that way for over 20 years. But most of my education has been self-taught and I love learning new things. That is a love that I would like to pass on to my kids.
Thank you for such a thought-provoking post! :-)

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