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August 08, 2007


Magpie Ima

Tolerance is good. And the AC/DC T-shirt sounds like a good thing (in this context). But I try to buy our school materials second hand in part to avoid the very ambivalence you seem to be feeling. I hope you do write about what you ordered. I like hearing how others go about this whole homeschooling thing.

Lori V.

Yeah, except, didn't you know, that AC/DC shirt stands for "Alive Christ/Dead Christ"?


i would like to know more about how you go about schooling your kids now you are in a new place. i know at least one of them went to public school part time? do you still do that or are they now both home schooled exclusively? info needed, pls.
i thot i would like to homeschool. at least with ana, but she has (finally) had a couple good teachers, and i have so little time. =(
just going to have to keep recommending stuff to them rather than assigning (tho in parenthood, is there a difference?).


That would be "When a man loves a woman", the rest of the verse being

"You wait and you're coolin' down,
She's still going to the bathroom."

And the mention of the "And The Bride Wore White: 7 Secrets of Sexual Purity" book reminds me of some of the drek Christian friends of mine would give me for gifts when I was dating/engaged to the woman who is now my wife. One of them, I think it was "Boy Meets Girl" by Joshua Harris, and it was terrible. The worst part of it was how Harris would twist sad stories out of context as examples of perfect "Christian love," i.e. a young man and woman who loved each other, but decided not to date (and ended up never getting together) because they just felt that their deity of choice wouldn't be happy with their decision. It's one of the few books that I can say I never finished, hah.

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