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June 18, 2007



Huh, I always wondered who all those straight people were, at pride. Me and my friends like to people watch and muse that "this is how they find diversity". Yeah, I know, I'm so bad.

A long time ago, like, 1978, I lived in a house at the corner or 11th and Alberta. I used to pull a shopping cart with my motorcycle down to that Safeway, but we referred to it as "unsafeway", and we were the tweekers poking the bread - but we didn't have any kids yet so we just yelled at each other.


Get your milk delivered - great prices and so convenient.


This struck a chord since we have decided to get environmentally friendly countertops. The material is from Squawk Mountain out of Oregon or Washington (I get those two confused) and is the result of a doctoral thesis (I think) by a young woman. Now she has a business. This material costs something like five times the cost of granite (how much more natural can you get than something dug from the ground that's been there for a long time?). And a main ingredient is recycled paper. And, according to our remodeler (Jeff), even the shipping cost is outrageous. People would be more inclined to do the good thing (use locally grown, friendly food; build using sustainable, recycled materials) if the prices weren't so high and if some of us didn't feel that us do-gooders were being ripped off.

Having vented, I will now listen to the workers continuing the demolition of our kitchen while their radio emits genuine sounding Mexican music and bantering followed by audience laughter. I'll also look for a high paying job that will satisfy my soul.

Lori V.

Oh, Dad, you're making me nervous.... we are thinking about Paperstone for our bathroom counters soon, but we haven't seen prices yet! YIKES!


Molly, see if there is a Trader Joe's near you. I'm not sure if you had them in Colorado, but they are awesome, quirky little stores with all kinds of wonderful treats for REALLY reasonable prices. And if you're at all trying to avoid the hgh fructose corn syrup thing, their stock can't be beat.


I don't appreciate your comment about my mustache. In a world with google it's not hard to hear a cyber echo of people, who don't know you, talking smack. I read the lyrics to your Ben Fold's song. Not me! And FYI you can't read people's minds. FYI I went to school to learn my trade. This aint no keystone cop show. This is the hood.
If you don't like shopping with the UN-pretty folk at Safeway (I.E. The black folks who come from all over town to enjoy community) go somewhere else and save me the hassle of pulling some pissed sista off ya cause you said something stupid about them little miss know it all. (What? You have black friends! Haven't ever heard that one from a rascist before. People can't be filed in your little boxes lady. Go enjoy your PC gay pride nonsense and shop at the gay Fred Myers down town. I'll be at the Black grocery store happy with my mustache.

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