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May 16, 2007



You have had this story in various forms in your soul for a long time. What might be causing you Writer's Agony is the fact that the story is there and needs to be written. Don't think about selling it (although I have every confidence that it WILL sell, because you have a real and true story to tell).Just think about giving those characters a chance to live their lives on your pages. And the only way they can do it is through you. So there!


Based on Fight Test? That might have sold me on its own, without the rest of the description. That may be my current favorite song.


Hey, Lois McMaster Bujold said she's had completed manuscripts go to the publisher without a title.

Sam Masson

You could try generating a title, by scrolling down to the bottom of this page: http://www.monzy.org/wesley/


Your mom rocks, Molly, and so do you and your book!


heck, that description actually makes me *want* to read it. can't wait, but then you knew i perverse like that didn't you?


Although my book isn't a fantasy novel (although some creationists might consider it as such) I can relate to what you're saying here; I started it with the intention of naming it "We Can Be Friends With Dinosaurs" about the intersection between evolution and faith, but then I found out Ken Miller had already written "Finding Darwin's God" and I lost my desire to try and reconcile faith & science as a main theme (as if such a think were even possible by me, to boot).

My book project has become something of a monster too, for every time I learn something new I want to include it but require more resources, but I know if I write something akin to Gould's 2000+ page treatise "The Structure of Evolutionary Theory" no one will read it. Plus, microbiology/genetics are my primary fields, so it suffers for my lack of knowledge on those fronts.

Still, even though I don't believe in a vitalistic force that causes books to be written, you obviously have it in you and I certainly would read it. If you're really worried about getting published you could turn it into a book relating to Christianity and then it'll be sure to get published (just kidding). Like some of the other commenters here, I think you should stop worrying about what the book should be; write it to satisfy what you intend in your mind to accomplish.

"No noble characters; no baseborn characters discovering they're secretly noble"

This reminds me of Terry Prachett's character Carrot, who essentially is heir to the crown but doesn't want to be and the Patrician prefers it that way anyhow. Granted, Pratchett has already used the device as a move away from the Aragorn-esque storylines you speak of, but don't fret that there is no come-uppance for some noble character.


Brian, I think you have the book in you too--and I can completely sympathize with the problem of there being rather more book than time to write it. The inspirations keep coming hard and fast, and even though you know each of them would make it a better book, they threaten to swell the poor tome to epic size.

(Love the Terry Pratchett. An excellent counter to the typical fantasy novel about the typical swelled-head fantasy protagonist.)

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