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April 10, 2007


Amy Sorensen

I am giggling at #6 because I tell my kids that all the time: "You know I am a future crazy cat lady, right? Will you still come and visit me when I'm a crazy cat lady?" and they just associate Mom with FCCL as easily as they associate me with brown hair, muffin top, and too many books open at once.


My husband calls me a future crazy cat lady as well.

And, my thinking spot is the shower - enough said.


ok, your rant all aside, i *love* mercedes lackey. sorry, just do. i am not so concerned with grammer and such as i am with whether it is a good story or not. she writes good stories.

Lori V.

Geez, Molly, the doppelganger effect continues!

Differences? It takes no alcohol to bring out my inner sailor, and I'm a Current Crazy Cat Lady (we only have four, but I frequently imagine how life would be if the six dogs were kitties instead).


Hi Molly,
I'm not sure if it's possible to be a future crazy cat man (it would be rather silly to eliminate the possibility based solely on gender), but I'm reasonably confident that my later years will involve many felines. And as you found out, I don't have to be feeling tipsy for the language to reach the "drunken sailor with a stubbed toe" level.

I like your blog!

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