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April 17, 2007


Magpie Ima

I do love your candor, girl! And please know that you are not alone, especially in numbers 2, 3, 5, 7, and 8.

Amy Sorensen

OK. So, imagine me reading this: "and anyway I got kind of discouraged and maybe a little bitter" because, hello, do you know how many times I read your blog and thing "HOLY COW, I wish I could grow up to be Molly? Because she's funny and still knows all the cool stuff and salts it all with real intelligence. And plus, she's being a writer in the verb sense of the word---actually writing books, you know, whereas I just sort of claim the title because of a few dumb articles and some stories/essays/poems in my head"? And then I feel discouraged and a little bitter. ;)

I am starting to think that growing up well means that you finally just deal with who you are, not in relation to anyone else but just you. Unfortunately I am fairly hobbit-ish in my growing-up in this aspect.

Or so my own schizo voice tells me!

Wanda E. Santiago

Oh Molly I feel I have been living in my own little world, I miss reading you!! Glad I stopped by sounds like you have your hands full. Much love and hugs Wanda

Wacky Mommy

My list: Ditto what she said. (PS -- Do you love that Magic Eraser or what? I love that thing.)


I love anything hard, heh heh. I hate beer, but the Lowenbrau line was particuarly great.


Herm, it's frightening how many of those I share, considering how very different we started off in life. I mean, as different as two people in an identical living sitch can be. I think I share all of them, 'cept that my sweet baby has not yet goaded me into #8, I don't really fear moths, and I actually like beer. Oh, and if I were 3 inches taller I'd be 6'1" and nobody wants that. And I'm too dark to pull of red hair. Otherwise, we're twins separated by 2.5 years.


Ms. Molly....

I so wish that you would see just what an amazing person you really are!!! You are beautiful, intelligent, etc. the way you are. You have such an open mind to others, use it on you too!!!

Not liking beer has ultimately lead me to drink red wine with you and realizing it is yummy!

People who meet you, think you are one of the sweetest and most interesting persons they have met in a long time. You bring a breath of fresh air and relief to people. They know they can be themselves around you and are valued for that. :) I can give you a list of names, if you would like!!!

You are an inspiration to many.....

mEnopauUse maVen

Oh how I needed this Molly fix! Better than Prozac...
Awesome girlfriend...awesome.

Lori V.

So, Molly, if no one likes you, does that mean they don't like your doppelganger either?

My Ragemonger Shreiking Mama surfaced today. A bipolar child will bring it out every time. :-(


"The nightmares that come probably three nights out of the week, and have been taking up residence in my sleepbrain for the last four nights straight."

You know that yummy wine you're so fond of?

I never learned anything from a man who always agreed with me. -Francis Bacon

You know that yummy wine you're so fond of?

Why, yes; yes, I do. Are you saying I should drink more of it to drown the dream-demons in their cerebral cradles?

Consider it done.

(Seriously, I have noticed absolutely no correlation between the bad dreams and the good wine. But maybe there's some kind of delayed effect.)


1. now i feel bad, passing your pic around and asking people "isn't she gorgeous?"!
2. my phone actually displays the phrase "fight the inertia", just as a reminder to me that things must be done.
3. see #2, really, the same thing
4. me too, except i don't like wine either, or do wine coolers count?
5. that voice is actually your co-author. use it when you can, ignore it when you must.
6. ah, yes, nighmares. yet more funny little tales co-authored by the funny little bi-polar voice
7. we like you, we like you! even my kids like you and they've never met you (which must and should be fixed soonish).
8. trust me, the kids remember good mama way more than mean mama by the time they grow up.
9. i think that deep is vastly overrated. too many deep posts and we would all drown in the meaningfulness of it all.
10. me too, me too! did it start soon after watching The Gate (i think that's the name. little boy, gate to hell in the back yard, moths constantly at his window? creepiest thing i've ever seen and would have put me off moths forever if i hadn't been already.)

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