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April 02, 2007


Amy Sorensen

I am giggling about #6. because don't reading and traveling just go hand-in-hand? I can't imagine a vacation without a book or two along for the ride. And I'm diggin' your Tuesday tens!!!


Hooray for Grammie and Auntie Herm! Augie can't wait to see you both. He just chooses to express his excitement by snoozing...but only during the day. At night he is active and ready to rock. Mommy and Daddy are sleeeeeeeepy.

Lori V.

Holy crap, I want a Gypsy wagon! Where *do* you come up with these links? You are my Random Cool Information heroine! :-)


What would you do with all your books?

Chrissy Amport

FYI...living in an RV with no place to go actually sucks. Albeit, it's a Fleetwood Bounder, not an Airstream.

Especially with 2 boys.

Especially when you have a perfectly beautiful house that you are paying a mortgage on sitting quite empty on the east coast.

Especially when you're in the middle of Arizona and it's already made it way too close to 100 degrees and it's only frickin' April.

I could go on...but I will swing my thoughts back towards happy territory.


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