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February 15, 2007


Jen Donnelly

I have no idea why it would bounce back... could it have been the keywords Nigeria, Viagra, pharmacy, or embassy? LOL... very clever.

Can we have an update on Forthcoming New Baby Nephew? I thought of another one... Baxter. It may have been mentioned.

I will try to tune in tomorrow!


I got it, and I loved it.

As for forthcoming baby nephew: just returned from the doctor's office, where I got the impression that he (baby; Dr. is a she) is very comfortable and not coming anytime soon (though that's all relative, as he'll almost certainly be here within three weeks). Name is still undecided, though we have a couple of leading contenders. Tra-la.

Wanda E. Santiago

Oh Molly that is a Gem, nope did not get it!! So will the world end if it is a girl? Hugs Wanda



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