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December 01, 2006



As a parent myself- I always question if the excessive exposure to Thom Yorkes incessant whining will damage their brains- My wife won't let me listen to Radiohead in the car anymore, although my 16 year old sings along to My Iron Lung with me at the top of our lungs in provate moments (normally in the car, which is the only place where Radiohead is welcome). Thanks for the Church of Radiohead entry- makes me feel less alone- LOL!


I have never really understood why, but my life is entirely without ritual. I don't do anything the same in any recognizable pattern. Definitively nothing daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly. It has been a source of concern for me and the topic of some discussion with people tolerant enough to get into such a discussion. Many people insist that I must have some sort of ritual and if I don't then I should get one (at least).

Attending the Church of Radiohead might be something I could build a ritual around although I might propose expanding it to the Church of Music (with everything else described above the same). A pint of Guinness, a collection of music lovers, a comfy chair and excellent acoustics all sound like my type of gathering.


Consider me a in, as long as it's compatible with pastafarianism. I've been hooked since I saw the music video for "Street Spirit (Fade Out) at age 12. "Everything..." is a great mind-bending track, but for the mass I would use "Fake Plastic Trees" and "No Surprises"... they posess a certain hymn-like quality. Heck, we can use it all.


Great idea, did anything ever come of this?

found you on: http://www.scienceblogs.com/pharyngula/2007/05/donothing_atheists_and_reignit.php

I'm guessing there is a correlation between people reading about atheism and Radiohead?


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