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November 17, 2006



Oh yes, KWOD! Those were the days. I agree "Brand New Lover" is better.

And, yes, parenting - rough, rough, rough. And so loud.


I feel for you! I've actually been thinking about getting some earplugs.

My sister Betsey dropped out of preschool because all the singing bothered her. (Apparently something about being in a room with a bunch of shrill three-year-olds who can't carry a tune....) She's also the one who'll complain if you're breathing too loudly.

My other sister dropped out of preschool because her teacher didn't love her enough. She always was a sensitive child.


You know, what is it with the relationship between a boy, and an empty wrapping paper roll that it immediately fuses to said boy's hand to become "sword, saber, bludgeoning too "? And how is it, that said boy is only `4 months? I enjoy reading what path my life will eventually take...


Where are the Rivers and Tides?

As for noisy boys: Not mine. He's going to be silent and pensive. Hahaha. He has a mighty kung-fu kick, though.

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