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October 20, 2006



Not weird; perfect. What does Fisher say? Does he want to join JTA? Would he miss all his punky little friends or be relieved to be rid of them?


Oh, I would love a blog from you about the homeschooling/learning issue. Caden is only one, but I want to make sure I am making the best decision when it comes to his learnin'. I am curious- why did you decide to keep Rhys home and not Fisher?


Your opinions intrigue me...the whole poem situation, hilarious. I think it ironic that you say you don't want your sons teacher to think that you think she's doing a bad job. In previous posts I've read, I got the impression that you don't care what others think. Good luck w/your decision. I plan on homeschooling b/c my 3 year old knows more than my 6yo niece {attends public and watches 2 hrs of tv in the classroom a day}. Plus, SC {49th I believe}is at the very bottom statistically. I, obviously am not a huge fan of the public school system.

Jennifer Lynn

I think the public schools are getting worse and worse. I can say I'm a "lucky" product of the public school system because my mom fought (and fought) to get and keep me in every "special" program that came along in an attempt to challenge me.

I was mostly hyperactive disruptive in elementary/middle school - but by high school, I was VOCAL disruptive (being voted "most argumentative" member of my senior class had nothing to do with my relationships with my peers and everything to do with me regularly walking out of class, staging sit-ins in the front office, and attending school board meetings more frequently than some of the board members themselves).

I do not envy you for having to make the decision - but definitely trust your instincts as they are probably right.

Amy Sorensen

OK, so, you know I am a teacher. Or was. (nightmares about going back but that's another topic.) So I should be all for public education, as it was my bread and butter. However---because I am/was a public school teacher, I know how thinly they are spread. Probably Fisher's teacher wishes she could spend more time with him, as he is intelligent, but the reality is that sometimes the smart ones get MORE neglect than the slower ones, because the teacher thinks "he can figure it out, he's smart." Again, not out of general horriblness. But out of reality. There really is a lot of teachign to the lowest common denominator.

As for the cool thing...oh, man. I am dealing with that with Haley right now, only the girl version, and it is giving me hysterics. (As I was a loudly proclaimed anti-cool in my own misspent youth.) No advice---gee, I'm a great friend! ;)

Hang in there. Maybe it will make you feel better that even harder things are coming down the pipe your way? Nah...

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