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August 20, 2006



Yay! I love it when people surprise me like that. It's refreshing to have your assumptions proven wrong every now and then.

Amy Sorensen

I love this sentence: "They need to learn that what they are is not the default."

SO true! Glad you had those two experiences. It is so GOOD to have your life-view affirmed once in awhile, isn't it!

Wanda E. Santiago

Hey beautiful so there is hope out there!! Makes me feel good!! Love ya bunches take care Wanda


Excellent. Good stories, both. Now don't you go moving to Fort Collins, though...Washington D.C. is nice and diverse, and was just thinking how marvelous it'd be to have you down the block. xo.


Hey, not all of us Christians are total idiots! ;-)

But I do have to say that, from my point of view, Portland does have a "racial problems." I suppose I could be extra-sensitive, moving here from San Francisco, but to me there is still a distinct line drawn between the neighborhoods with African Americans and those without too many. I live in the Northeast, and here, and especially the North, has a much higher population of African Americans. And I've heard many people say that it's more dangerous here. Really!?! Some won't even come here for a meeting or anything else, because of the perceived danger. And the Oregonian doesn't help--I've seen a few instances of blatant fanning of the racial conflict fears.

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