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August 09, 2006



Oh, when that happens it just breaks my heart. I want to let the kids know that they are of value even if they are being bratty.

Here I was all set, at the beginning of your post, to complain about how my kids act in the grocery store, even at ages *9 and 12* when they should *know better* for pete's sake, but of course now I can't do that. Now I just have to realize that even when they act like that I still love them to death and I am glad they have the freedom in this world to act however they want without fear that I will hit them or belittle them.

Jen G

I always wish I could report those people to someone. Emotional abuse is a horrible thing to live through.


I'm often nearly overwhelmed by urges to walk up and say "Look, if you don't want those kids, I'll take 'em."

Amy Sorensen

I think that there's a certain mindset that some people have about how to treat children. That sense of "they're a burden and an annoyance" rather than a blessing. I think that is something taught...a generational thing. It makes me very, very sad. I always feel like handing them a parenting book and suggest that they MIGHT want to learn something!


Hello from merry England Redmolly. I love your blog. Friend sent me to check out your 20 reasons why not to buy Fantasy. Made me howl & I've been howling & folowing the blog since - then jabers! - you name-checked me as an author who doesn't suck!! Caloo Callay!! Oh and I love the parenting stuff... blog on!

Wanda E. Santiago

Hey beautiful I hear ya!! I really do I have five and I can remember times like that even they would ask me why does their mommy do that to those kids, I am no saint but my kids sure know I love them. Hugs Wanda

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