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June 22, 2006



What, Deerskin isn't creepy?
It's still haunting me ten years later. If it doesn't make your creepy list, I'm staying well away from everything that does! :D

Amy Sorensen

First off, ummm, hello, thanks for that link to absolute writer. What a cool site. Would it bug if I followed you over there?

Second: Thank you for this lovely list! I'm going to amazon-search them and read all about them. When I'm not so tired.

Wanda E. Santiago

Molly I am sad oh so sad so many things so much energy trying to figure out so many things and then I come here and you make me smile and belive that you can have a real voice and be what you have to be. I love you!! Hugs Wanda


Where's the wheel of time?

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