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August 26, 2005



What a darling he is.
Fisher, too.


That's so cool, it's like I was there.

I took my then-3 year old to Lollapalooza a few (ok 11) years ago - and you are right, people were so kind!


very cool. and when fisher's 20 and in college and telling his friends that the first concert he went to was a White Stripes show, he'll have lots of proof! i'm a proud uncle. and great photos too.

Jennifer Lynn

You are officially, unabashedly the COOLEST mom ever. When I am a mom I hope to be half as cool as you!


How stinkin LUCKY!
My little guy who just turned 7 would be so jealous, we both dig on some White Stripes. Fun being a mom and sharing in these little adventures! I LOVE being a mom and a hip one if I do say so myself :) Thanks for sharing with us!


Awww, that picture of Fisher sleeping is just too cute!

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