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June 09, 2005



I loved foursquare! It was prehaps one of the few games I was pretty good at in elementary school. Yes, I was always picked last.....


But, at my elementary school, you had to bring your own ball to play foursqaure. I was smart enough to realize this could be a distinct advantage in getting picked. So, I talked my parents into buying me my own foursquare ball, wrote my name on it, and always got to play at recess. Even now I have a fondness for brand new foursquare balls.......

Cheers to you and good luck getting all your projects done!


whew! and you said i had a lot of balls in the air? :D


Nancy Nally (ScrapNancy)

Well, at least you aren't bored, huh?


I thought our BBQ started at 3:00.


I say lets play quarters - with shots of gin - and relish in the amazing things that have resulted from the last 30 years of your being. :)

Thena Smith

Should I bring stuffed eggs for the BBQ?

I miss seeing you!!


The BBQ commment from DH made me LOL!

Just wanted to say that I'm an awesome blogger from California! What part are you going to? I'm in the SF Bay Area.

Good luck getting it all done!


Enjoy the stamp camp, and good luck on all the rest!

It was great to see you in Simple Scrapbooks. And, wave at San Andreas if you wander that way!
I'll not be there this summer (I've already been for my trip this year).


No, not Gin, Ketel 1 vodka! It's best with a splash of olive juice & 3 lg. olives---shake w/ice then strain (or let a few of those ice chips slip through ;))


Wanda E. Santiago

I hear your pain and sending you all my energy vibes!! Hugs Wanda


See, and all these people think you have this dream life! Well, they DO!

I hope you get through all this with minimal struggle and can really enjoy that trip to California.


We can play four square. No cherry bombs, though! :)

Good gracious, Molly! Quite the to-do list!

Have a popsicle. It will make you feel better. :P

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