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June 22, 2005



He can pull off the mohawk!! He's adorable! Of course I say this when my boys get their heads buzzed mostly!! But seriously, I love it!! Your little one is a cutie too!!!


ADORABLE! Thought I would hate it but I don't. What does Grammy think of it?


Fisher has inspired me. I know what I'm doing right after work. (do mohawks still look ok with flecks of gray in them?)


I just have to say that your new profile picture is cracking me up...You look so aloof, like the beautiful sexy babe who is cloaked in mystery....And, there you are....a hot enigma.....right in front of the foosball table.




Oh yeah, been there, done that (many times, many guises), have the t-shirt!

sue (kolkamtay)

way cute!

Melissa in SC

LOVE Fisher's do. It must be the age. My son asked me to make his hair spiky for school today. Problem is, it is too long, very straight and no gel in my arsenal would make it otherwise. Poor kid was very disappointed.

Mum Mar

cutest kids on earth!

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