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June 13, 2005



I saw it, but why bring it to your attention ;)

Come to WA! We'd love to have you!


I know! "Led Zeppelin" doesn't have an "a" in it, right? ;)

Wanda E. Santiago

Don't know about grammar, being dislexic and al that but you sure have a way with words. I hope you have a very happy week! Hugs Wanda

Melissa in SC

I can sympathize somewhat though SC is not Texas. I've incorporated several things into my speech and writing that I swore I would never utter or commit to print. I probably should have followed the plan and moved away after two or three years instead of getting married, buying a totally cute Craftman style house and vesting in the state retirement system. Um--so, yes, I recommend that you run fast and far from Texas while you still have a chance.

LOL. Actually, that particular little grammatical error probably has less to do with geography than with some disease that has gripped the enitre population in the last two decades. I love the link. I'm part of an online group that writes fiction. It is just for fun, mostly, but I constantly see this error and it drives me up the wall. Even what I would consider the good writers (ones that actually use correct capitalization and periods) do that. Now I will just refer each one to this link. It may get a lot of hits. The more the better IMO.

Melissa in SC

That would be "entire". If I were really clever I would come up with some appropriate and funny definition for enitre. I'm just not that {cool}, especially on a Monday evening after work.

stephanie thiel

Oh my freakin' gawd girl! Your typo was not a result of geographical impact on your intelligience! Hell girl, 'I seen' it comin' for weeks now! You just had your first SENIOR MOMENT!
(I'm saying that out of sincere respect for the elderly)


Heheheh. I seen just whut yer talkin' bout.


Lori V.

I seen it! Did I read that you & me {grin} live in the same vast wasteland of Hell? The Republican Mecca of Texas? Gawd, I'm hatin' the Fundies today for some reason!


Hey Molly, Since it seems I make typos every time I comment on your blog, and yours only, it may just be the wavelength.

But if you need a reason to get out, that's as good as any!

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