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June 02, 2005



There is something about him, isn't there. And yet, Renee Zellweger marries Kenny Chesney???

Anyway, I heard the album the other day on the radio - it's great, I can't wait to get it.

stephanie thiel

Adrien Brody...Yowza!!


Oh, you scared me. I thought that was Michael Jackson. Whenever I hear Jack White, I think Jack Black. I've got to straighten that out.


I'm so on this wavelength...the promo pic for their new album at iTunes, with Meg...do you know the one?

He is so HOT with the little moustache. Mmmmmm.


I know this is overdone, but with good reason--how about Johnny Depp? I mean, not every guy can pull off that male Annie Hall thing and make it look good, right?

And, I do know how to spell "red." Though I have always liked to be thought of as well-"read," too.



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