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March 07, 2010


April Anderton

Ooooo, ooo, ooo!! I am SO doing this soup this week. My mexican food loving family will LOVE me for it! :)

Anne Horner

William slept 3 hours this afternoon... And is asleep again after eating some soup (white bean and olive, actually. Truly delicious!)


Awesome, April! Though... honestly... the Mexican soup we had today was seriously better. Unanimously, one of the best so far. So you might wanna wait 'til tomorrow's post... just saying. Not that this one wasn't really good!


Anne, I'm so glad your family liked that soup. And that William will apparently be well-rested tomorrow! My kids are newly recharged and still bouncing around, sigh.

April Anderton

Tuesday is Ken's birthday and his choice of birthday dinner is Black Bean Tacos. I'm going to get Mexican'ed out this week! HA! I'm gonna need some nice Italian pasta this weekend for sure.

April Anderton

Made it...loved it, have none left. I told my kids it was Black Bean Verde soup, purposely leaving out the "S" word, forgetting that James speaks a bit of spanish. "What makes it green?" He asked. I told him green stuff and he said he didn't want to know. He ate most of the pot and the rest of us had a nice hearty helping and a half. BIG hit and not one complaint.

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