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February 07, 2010



this one sounds fantastic, but hurry up and post the curried spinach soup, woman!

April Anderton

Added to the menu for the week and I've decided to buy some actual string or cheesecloth instead of using up my supply of mending thread. :)

April Anderton

K. so I have never used a ham hock before. Exactly what kind of 'meat' is it and what do I do with it after I set it aside? :)


A ham hock is basically a pig's ankle--there's a very sturdy bone, and some flavorful meat, both of which contribute to the soup's overall flavor and texture. You'll get a little less than a cup of meat once it's all shredded off and you've discarded any tough bits. Just sprinkle some over each serving--it's truly delicious.


I could eat this soup every week. As a Southern girl, I love me some ham hock.

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