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April 01, 2009



So cool! I have a hard time making my Thomas tracks connect in a loop ("Look, Augie, this is where the track just peters out! Harvey loves that!"), so this sort of stuff really impresses me.


That is so. cool. Seattle in October, you say?


I won an argument with a five year old today by pointing out that Lego makes Bionicles, therefore Bionicles are indeed Legos, so he did in fact need to remove the Lego Bionicles from the place he had left them.


Lego does indeed make Bionicles, and we scored at the discount Bionicle table at BrickFest!

Helena, we're planning on going... we hope. Would love to see you there.

Katie Kaapcke

omg i'm obsessed with legos and lego video games!! Congrats on the check!! I hope more are coming and I hope I get one too!!! :)


Which CMS? (There isn't enough room here for me to wind-up about Lego-Land and *HURK*...


Such a drag that I didn't know about this! Must have not read the Arts & Entertainment section that week.

Linked to you from the scrappyguide site. Seem to have missplaced my pronouns this morning. Am located in Tillamook, look forward to seeing your tutorials!


I keep coming here, hoping in vain that there will be a new post. Alas.

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