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January 06, 2009



The first thing I learned to cook was German potato soup with bacon. For about 3 months I made it every weekend. Then my family hated me so much, that I quit. And then I made lentil soup instead. But only a couple of times. I didn't want to piss them off.

Weird, in my world, the French oven is called a Dutch oven. What's wrong with me? By the way, I use it to make no knead bread. Yum!!

Elizabeth O'Connor

Yum, this sounds like a perfect from-the-pantry dish.


I still find mom's pilaf the most delicious, comforting food in the world. I could eat cups and cups of it.


You know you're a good writer when someone like me (cooking first: cinnamon toast)leaves your blog wanting to go cook something! :)


mine is flame orange too!

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