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December 23, 2008



You have more snow than I do...grrrrr.

Beautiful pics, I love the tree and the Chinatown entrance! Hope all is well!



i miss you people that are comprised of my non-blood related family. i feel bad for leaving last minute without a proper goodbye. i miss you and jim and the kids. BUT. i will visit when the snow lets up, and then i'll be able to stop in if that's okay with you. :)


I'm jealous of your snow. It's going to be 79 degrees here tomorrow. It SUCKS. Blah.


First: YEAY! For the first time in months, RedMolly opened on my computer! I was greeted with a happy picture of my friendfamily (including Jim, cuz I know he's behind the lens). It's also nice to see my former hat on a happy snow boy.

Second: Thank you all for loving me so much. You made it possible for me (and Mike) to survive last week. I will always be there for you, no matter what.

Hug Mom and Dad when they get there. Kiss the boys on the tops of their heads.

Happy Solstice and every other winter holiday. The light is coming back!

Love, Jac

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