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December 10, 2008


Stephanie Thiel

oh my GAWD this was friggn'/freakin'/ f-ing hysterical!


LMAO!!! Thanks for sharing that little gem. :)


LOL!!! I have to watch Celine every year with Mike's Gammom. She thinks cause I'm a singer I love her and it's just pretending. But I love Gammom so it's a small sacrifice to make watching this tv special she recorded......every year.


she is insane. she is fingernails on the chalkboard. and yet, i can't look away.


admittedly, i have never found her so... entertaining.

that video is testament to just how powerful decent video manipulation can be. if it can make me smile while watching celine then anything is possible.


LOL wow, she isn't just annoying. of course that whole thing was made up of clips no longer than a few seconds each, so we didn't have to listen to the stupid in between, but hey! she really is AMAZING! (for a few seconds at a time).


She seems like.......such an easy target. The one I really can't stand is that old bag, Madonna. love, V


This video actually made me sort of like her. Then again, I watched it with the sound off.

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