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December 01, 2008



Bravo!!! Standing ovations to you. :)

Rooster X

We are considering doing EdChoices also, and after reading this I'm pretty sure we will. But what will we call ourselves now? Ununschoolers? We need a label or my brain won't be able to function.


You may not be a real homeschooler, but you are an Evolved Homeschooler, and that's way better anyway.


LOL, Rooster X... You here!!! :)
Well, I was considering EdChoices as well. Seems we need to start a club. The Ununschoolers EdChoices support group or something like that. :)

Nance Confer

What a lovely way to start the day -- a good dose of balance and reality.

Thank you, Red Molly.

And, since I have as much authority as any self-appointed hsing gatekeeper :) , I hereby pronounce that you ARE homeschooling.

And it sounds like you are having a blast doing it! :)


JJ Ross

I'm so impressed that I feel the urge to write some publisher and say GET this girl a contract -- now! :)

Stephanie Thiel

curriculum vitae as opposed to a resume? hmmmm...looking for an academic post?? research?? just curious
(cough cough...nosy)
(well said kiddo...btw...you are homeschooling in the best sense of the word!)


i don't care what we call it. it is working.

Obi-Mom Kenobi

You must be doing something right if you defy the boxes that others attempt to smash you inside of. Keep up the good work!


You have been nominated for the Butterfly award. Come pick it up at my blog. ;)

And a reply to my mail would be ever so greatly appreciated. I'll take a phone call too. :)


are people who attend a homeschool co-op not really homeschooling? what about people who take classes .. *teach* classes .. auditing a college course?

and why does anyone *care*? didn’t we homeschool to escape labels?

Debbie H.

Well, to be fair, it is a complicated issue.

If we truly did have freedom in education, then there is absolutely no reason why one family would care about the choices another family makes in educating their children.

The concern comes in when a choice is seen as possibly affecting more than just that individual family.

I can't blame those who make decisions that could possibly affect another family's freedom to educate as they see fit. They are only making use of existing choices out there.

I do, however, blame guvmint for even getting involved in the first place. ;)

JJ Ross

Except that argument sounds exactly like the gay marriage ban argument.

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