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November 23, 2008



WE dont have cable either. ( sorry for the lame-ness of this message but i am typing one handed since my other hand is deep in a bag of popcorn) We gave up cable to save any shred of money and have been faithful netflixers ever since. In that time weve watched The office, Extras, Weeds, and other sundry tv shows that are avaiable.
i love it. dont feel shame, embrace it, and watch some CSI.


benny and joon. i officially love you.


We've been watching many old movies. A couple of weeks ago it was "Umbrellas of Cherbourg" with Catherine Deneuve. A musical, of all things, and we both liked the movie very much. French movies can be humbly magnificent.


You'll love "Touch of Satan" (MST 3000). I happen to be watching it at this moment, actually!

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