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November 29, 2008


Amy Sorensen

Last year I learned a gravy trick from my MIL. After fishing out the leftover chunks of onion, she purees them with a little bit of the broth and then pours the whole mess back into the broth. Of course, she doesn't use butter in her gravy, but I do in mine. (some half and half or cream, too, but just enough to give it some slip.) So her blended onion trick + my already-fairly-bitchin' gravy = even better gravy. Or maybe the word is bitchener? ;)

At any rate, I am glad you had what seems to be a great Thanksgiving! As I have no leftovers (because we ate with the in-laws), I am doing a mini Thanksgiving meal tomorrow and I am totally going to be flipping the bird!!!


How come everybody posts their best recipes AFTER the holiday?? Oh well. Guess I'll just link for next year... or,... feast again next week!


Well, y'know, Lynn, Christmas is coming... the goose is getting fat...


Amy, the pureed onions sound like a fantastic addition. I have an immersion blender, courtesy of my ever-thoughtful sweetie, and I bet that would make short work of rendering the onion chunks into creamy deliciousness. Thanks for the idea!


Every year about this time, I am horribly reminded of my sub-par cooking skills and the laziness I commonly display in a kitchen. Your turkey recipe sounds lovely, but once I read the " get a bucket to brine the day ahead " part, I tuned out. I'm a dissapointment to my family as they are all proficient at turning out wonderful dishes such as this one. I make things with as little steps as possible. But it SOUNDS really delicious.


Oh pshaw, Summer... it's not hard... you've already got the turkey in hand, and putting up the brine takes like three minutes if you've got a teakettle. Seriously, the flavor boost is amazing.

(Wanna know a secret? Our "bucket" was a well-washed-out kitty litter container lined with a garbage bag. Heh heh.)

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