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November 20, 2008



Oh Molly, that is major stress. Hugs and love.

And, what a cute cat!


I love those boys. And that cat is extra-special cute. I hope she doesn't become another Pilchard. (Aside: I always think of Pilchard as a young kitty until I realize Fisher named her when he was about Augie's age. That was 7 years ago!)


I'm sorry for the crappy-ness of the recent days. Here's to much better ones. Why don't you kids all come down here for a visit and I can get you tix to Universal and we can party.....let Caden run your boys ragged a bit.
As for the kitty name....I will throw out some of my World of Warcraft character names....Melynda, Sarabela and Mene'. If it's a boy then Terinbram, Remy, and Logare.
Yes, I know. I know.


Must breathe.... that's what I told myself all day long today.
I hope Rhys' boat is okay. Of course the first thing that happened was that another boy's stuffed crocodile flew right into it and the pieces just kept falling out. Rhys was busy repairing it during our circle time. I felt so bad for him, but he seemed pretty satisfied later, when he presented the newly repaired boat. :)


how about calling the cat "Concrete" or "Cement"?


i was going to be witty and say name the kitty Concrete, but i see someone beat me to it. therefore, i add to the theme:
Granite Cary, Jasper, Remmington Stone, Silverfish

also, you must come visit my house next time you're in town. reciprocation!


I'm really sorry about all the stress. But oh, your boys are the best! Write a book about them!


Oh, we are having these days...one after the other after the other...

We've just been adopted by that cat's twin, who does exactly the same roll over. Her name is slate, after both the stone and the emag.


Name the cat "Connie"--short for concrete, but also short for concept, convict, contraindicated, and (conveniently) both convex and concave, depending on whether you feel like feeding the cat.

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