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November 10, 2008



Hey, try Simply Sleep by Tylenol. It's the exact same as TyPM, just without the actual Tylenol. Supposed to be better for you and I find that it still keeps me asleep, just not quite as scary deep. Easier to wake up from in the morning.

Stephanie T.

tylenol pm is really tylenol with benydryl...maybe just stick with benydryl? or a two finger shot of wild turkey. i'm feeling your pain girlfriend...wide awake at 3am every morning...usually worrying.

having serious 'come to jesus' meetings about finances here too...we lost our shorts when the market dumped (and we are just too old NOT to wear shorts!)...cutting aol, videos,newspaper, magazines (sigh), sodas/bottled water/booze, the math tutor and sadly, Natalie's flute lessons (Lauren will continue violin)...one kid will swim with year 'round club $$, the other swim free with year round club where daughter #1 coaches (which means hellish driving for me, but $$$savings)...red meat once a week and a whole buttload of pasta.

on the upside? we are healthy and have smart kids who love pasta


OMG- I miss you already!! You are so witty. I can hear you talk in my head as I read your snippets... :) Oh- go to the drug store- buy some progesterone cream and put it on at night. I hope it helps you sleep. It does me. But I am old and peri-menopausal.


Darn, I've had high hopes for Select Harvest soups.


yes, i know the feeling. i have been cutting back all the bills i can and find that i may still need to get a second job and/or Saru might. with Bub's money gone (gone with him) that cuts a huge chunk out of the budget.
::le sigh::

Heidi Rafferty

This is a really funny post, and I enjoyed the good laugh this evening.
Nice blog, witty writing.

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