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November 25, 2008


Howard M. Lewis Ship

I've been using blip.tv for my screencasts:

It allows longer videos and higher resolutions, and automaticaly converts from QuickTime (I'm on a Mac) to Flash or others.


When in January is the youth spelling bee? The M. pizza site says 12/31. Is that correct? Both my kids would be interested in participating--esp. with you moderating!--but Hibi (now going back to her birth name of Carissa) is busy that night. Too bad. Oh, she's saying now she can leave early. You can tell how much she'd like to participate because it would be leaving from an anime convention! and she'd have to go in costume. :-)

Sorry about all the sucky things in your life and here's hoping things will be looking up for you soon.


You will find work! I know it. Don't give up.

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