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November 05, 2008



Oh, Molly. I am really sorry. Are there any other slots at CK Media you could slide into? You've been with them a long time.

I hope you can find something terrific for yourself--and fast! And you know, Obama will be spreading the wealth, so if you just hang in there till January...! ;-)


It wha??????????? I'm so sorry. Hugs and love.

(and political whohoooooooooooos)

Kiki Wolfie

I'm soooo sad about the magazine for so many reasons and I'm soooo sorry you have to job hunt for the holiday!! I'm job hunting as well and doing part-time here and there...its tough but we will get through it and you are soooo talented and qualified you are going to find a great position!!!

I'm so happy we have been able to work together and hope to somehow in the future :)



I am very sorry about you losing your job. What a horrible thing to have happen, regardless of time.

Take care and know that all of you are in my thoughts.



The magazine folded?? Nooooooooo!

I hope you can find something soon!

Stephanie T.

crap...just add it to the growing list of publications that are tanking in this economy.
ok...forget atc's and cute stuff, i'll just send beans and a slab of trail jerkey (sorry mimi!)

btw..just peeked a suzy's blog...still laughing...make sure you add 'godless heathen' to your resume! it's an eye catcher...lol!!


hugs molly
and I need 200 Christmas cards and I'm not liking any of the templates at Walmart, Costco, Shutterfly .......


Jean has been making Obama face all morning to signify her pleasure with the election results.

You're so funny [laughing]!

I'm really sorry to hear your news. Until you find something, do you have an virtual store of sorts for the many online FOMs (Friends of Molly)? We need cards, too, you know :)

Thena Smith

Molly, I am so sorry about the magazine! It was always one of my little joys! Knowing so many of you wonderful ladies made it even more special. Sending you and all of the wonderful staff some big hugs.


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