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November 08, 2008



I've spent a good portion of the last couple of weeks driving around town filling out applications.

Before now I've generally had it easy, visit a couple of restaurants until I hit the one that's actually hiring. Typically restaurant turnover rates run about 300%, so there's a good chance almost any place you go needs at least one person.

I have yet to find one place that isn't full. I did actually find one place, and it's right next door to the place I used to work, but I have yet to actually get in touch with anyone in charge enough to do something.

I'm sure this isn't the most helpful story at the moment, but it's all I've got at the moment. So I'll wait through the weekend and start all over Monday.

Good luck in your quest!


Dang. I hope something comes your way soon!


I too, hope something happens for you soon. I am about to find out myself pretty soon how it feels to unemployed, though my situation is that I *have* to quit work because of insanely expensive childcare. The Christmas cards that you're doing, is it something that I can tell people about here? As in, they send you a file of their pic and you send them back a file of their card?


Well, ignorant me, that I am I completely missed this. Geez!! Sending job finding vibes. Hang in there.

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