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September 29, 2008



LOL! Yep, that's sounding pretty familiar. Good luck!


Your cards were awsome, and a package is on the way to you, hopefully you'll get it in the next day or two.

Creating good. Cleaning bad

Stephanie T.

cleaning sucks...follow the muse!
if it only takes you an hour to clean-up your scrap crap consider yourself a lucky gal (and a freak of nature among art sisters!)..me? hours...literally...i can't start a project unless it's all nice and neat...by the time i'm done it looks like some freak went postal!


I want a story IV hooked to my arm, pumping me full of wordy goodness. I am dewordhydrated, since I can't read Dutch. Though entertainingly, the Dutch word for whipped cream is "slagroom"--Give me some slagroom, baby!


haaa haaa haaa!!! Don't you HATE that?? but it's also kinda great...oh creativity...


"Kerflumped," eh? You mean your muse doesn't frolic on gossamer wings?

I'm so disillusioned...*sob*...


Where to start? Ok, first picking myself up off of cat hair infested floor after rotflmaoagchsaom (you don't want to know.) Second, one hour restores your craft/office space back to norm? Where are you when I need you??? Thirdly, why didn't the mailman deliver that artist goodie filled package to my house? Forthly (4thly?) WHY aren't you here stamping/scrappin' with me? Oh, quite the whine (wine) filled post, isn't it? Just miss you and glad you are creatin' in more ways than one! I still want to read the first book!!!

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