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September 10, 2008



oh jeez. it's worth it to be not emaciated. you're a mommy, you have people who love you and who happen to be fatter than you (jim, me, your mormon bbw friend, uh, everyone else). we need to take some kind of body positivity seminar. or you need to go sit in a jacuzzi with all of my fat friends and i. it's cool. all of the water spills over the top.

also, your kids are amazing. i hope you had a good laugh over all of the ridiculous pictures jim too of me today. seriously, i DON'T photograph.


janet o

Oh my...I think you just nailed the reaction to SP...that is totally the way I feel too and I think you are RIGHT!


Totally worth it indeed! And, great coat!

My favorite Little Bear is "A Kiss for Little Bear" "too much kissing" giggle.


the waves of self-loathing that wash over me whenever I look down at my big ol' muffin top jelly belly. Which I then try to push back into the generalized tide of dissatisfaction with the help of a nice big slab of cold leftover roast beef out of the refrigerator.
i so totally know what you mean. i need to get the garden in order, the boxes unpacked, have friends over (hint, hint) and start an exercise regimine (sp?) that will strengthen and reduce flab. do i do it? nope, just sitting there on the couch and whining about how tired i am.


Are there really women out there who punish their non-potty trained 3 year old children??? POor Caden would be in a shower all day long if he lived with them. Seriously? This happens? And here I am feeling bad about taking away his galactic heroes......
SP grosses me out. That's a fact, jack.
Your muffin top was hard earned by birthing those two, intelligently cool kiddos, and drinking delicious vats of Cab.
Worth it.


Looks to me like the worth its are far outweighing the not worth its. Good for you.
Hey, I'll call you today. Not sure if you had planned to come tomorrow evening?

Angie S

THEcoat is fab!!! Love the t-shirt in the picture....


Palin makes me sick too... and will be the official reason I give for no longer supporting the Republican party. (Yes, this red state girl is officially over it.)

And that coat is to DIE for. I'm swooning over the thought that someone I know owns it. Wow!

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